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Anonymous asked: hey. I think if you have a license in anther state and work on post you don't have to transfer your license. I think.


You are correct my friend! Thank you so much!

Just want a hug

I just want a hug and I feel like I have no one her to hug right now…now even my husband.

Throw me a bone

Just give me a break! Give me a job so that I can pay to get my massage therapy license in Tennessee and not feel like a worthless wife who is free loading off her husband when we are trying to save money for a baby due in April. I’m so beyond stressed and tired of crying my eyes out and my husband being mad because he has to pay all my bills. I have so much debt. Massage therapy in Tennessee is expensive and the more I find out about it the more money it seems I need to get my license here.


It’s almost 5:35 am and I’m trying to sleep. I can’t sleep because I am starving, because (silent drum rolllll) my husband and I are having a baby!! This dang baby is making me even more hungry than usual which is pretty bad, because I eat alot!!! Already went grocery shopping and half the stuff is gone. lol my life problem

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